Thank you

We would like to thank:

Matt O’Brien, Structural Engineer and genius who kindly consults to design orthoses. He has been instrumental in the design, engineering and manufacture process of the Pronosupinator! The Upper Limb Co. team would not be complete without Matt.

Hayden Burge, who has helped in the manufacturing process. His thoughts redirected the build of the Pronosupinator! which helped make it manufacturable, durable and something we could be proud to sell to our colleagues knowing they want the best for their patients. After redirecting the manufacture process he insisted on helping build the tools and the prototype orthoses. This enabled us to get it to such a good standard when we wanted to.

Traiano De Corrado for his designs. The professional presentation of the Upper Limb Co design is Trai’s doing. We really appreciate his work to design the logos and colour schemes which underpin Upper Limb Co.

Hand Therapist colleagues from our clinics and from the Australian Hand Therapy have been amazingly open to the Pronosupinator! We have been grateful for your input and you can expect updates to the design in the future based on your feedback and your patient’s feedback. Generally people have been excited about the design and those who have implemented it have had great results for their patients. We continue to look forward to your input and are very grateful for your support.

The people above have been instrumental parts of the Upper Limb Co. and Pronosupinator! orthosis engineering. Countless others have helped along the way. We would like to thank you too. Thank you so much.