Forearm rotation

All About Rotation

The Upper Limb Co believe in sharing research and clinical experience to guide therapists, even when it means we give you a solution other than our One-80˚ Pronosupinator.

Here you will find information, tutorials and webinars with everything a therapist needs to know about supination and pronation. We intend to cover norms, anatomy, biomechanics, malunion patterns, instability, stiffness, detailed assessment, imaging (with xray, CT & MRI), treatments, efficacy and goal setting. We also have articles on dynamic orthoses, total-end-range-time, and testing dynamic orthoses.

If you want to know more about forearm rotation, contact us at to join our mailing list. We have started some basic articles, tutes and webinars and have many more to come.



Conflict of interest

The Upper Limb Co team are the inventors of the multi-award winning One-80˚ Pronosupinator. We have no financial interest in JAS or Dynasplint, but they are great orthoses which we would not hesitate to recommend to our patients. We are proud to claim that the One-80˚ Pronosupinator is one of the few efficacious orthoses available for forearm rotation.