Pronosupinator coming soon!

Supination stiffness therapy

The long awaited functional mobilisation orthosis for supination and/or pronation is here!  Never before has a rotation splint allowed ease of function, yet still pushed someone back to their end-of-range with full control. The Pronosupinator! orthosis allows near full function of the hand and arm while maintaining a strong control in either supination and/or pronation. This allows patients to adhere to recommended total-end-range-time while still engaging in daily activities. Reliable stretch and reliable time with the convenience of continuing life!

Pronosupinator prototypes have been rigorously tested by patients and Hand Therapists and will be ready for wear around Australia this month!

The Pronosupinator stretches strongly into supination for hours of stretch.


The only way to cope with hours of supination stretch is to allow full freedom of elbow and hand movement. Patients can now get on with life and use their hand while getting a sustained supination stretch.

Hours of supination stretch is easier when you can interrupt the stretch briefly to function.